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Chiropractor Jenkintown PA Brad HirschhornAt age 25, I was suffering from headaches and neck spasms as a result of repeated sports injuries.

While in high school, my parents wouldn’t sign the school football permission slip, so we played football after school and on weekends without helmets, and repeatedly banged our heads. When all the medical tests found nothing wrong, I was told that at age 25, I was suffering from stress and an early mid-life crisis.

Our first chiropractic college classes talked about how the power that made the body can heal the body. I had experienced this during my first QSM3/NUCCA chiropractic correction, and currently with my QSM3 corrections,  and it has been my purpose and pleasure for the past 28 years to help my patients discover this for themselves. In October of 1980, my twin brother told me “You’re going to see my chiropractor if I have to pick you up, put you in the car, drive you there, and pay for it.” Following a brief exam, the doctor asked me if anyone had ever looked at the position of my head and neck. and explained how he used the QSM3/NUCCA procedure to put my head on straight. After my first QSM3/NUCCA correction, and the immediately-needed 8-hour nap, most of my symptoms were gone. When I told my chiropractor how amazed and excited I was, he suggested that I become a chiropractor.

The Hirschhorn Family Chiropractic Center provides a specialized type of chiropractic care that is unique in its gentleness, specificity, and effectiveness.

Our mission is to help our patients enjoy the highest quality of life through balance, energy, and wellness. We do this by using a procedure that keeps your head, neck, shoulders, and hips in balance, and promotes improved body function.

Our patients are people of all ages who are seeking symptomatic relief, postural improvement, and vibrant health. We offer a program of care that is tailored to your individual needs, utilizing the specialized methods of care called QSM3.

There is a growing demand for an approach to health that identifies the causes of symptoms, removes or reduces their effects, and prevents future problems.

While there are currently 30 chiropractic offices within a 10 mile radius of Jenkintown, PA, none offer the precision analysis and corrections that the QSM3 method of care delivers.

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