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QSM3 (Upper Cervical)

QSM3 is a specialized type of chiropractic care that is unique in its gentleness, specificity, and effectiveness. It is based on the Restoration Principle, which states that your body will function better when it stays in proper alignment. The purpose of QSM3 care is to help you attain and then maintain optimum balance, which results in reduced pressure on your nervous system, and ultimately better health.  As soon as your spinal correction is made, body balance begins to be restored, muscles relax, blood and oxygen flow improves, nerves communicate, and organs can function to their fullest potential. The result is a re-activation of your body’s self-healing process.

Your brain stem extends down into your spine, making the upper portion of your spine one of the most nerve-rich areas of your body and the most vulnerable. Even the slightest nerve interference here can have significant, whole-body consequences.

Stack of bookssymbolizes how imbalance often starts at the top of the spine.

By correcting the primary problem in the upper neck, many secondary problems resolve on their own.

The Uppermost Spinal Bones

The uppermost spinal vertebrae, known as C1, is also called the Atlas. The second, C2, is referred to as the Axis. These two vertebrae have a special relationship. Rotation, tipping or even the most subtle misalignment can profoundly affect your entire nervous system.

Thorough Examination

Our upper cervical adjustments rely on precise mathematical calculations, physics and a thorough knowledge of spinal biomechanics.

A Gentle Touch

A specific, highly-controlled contact to the upper region of your spine is the focus of your correction. Adding the appropriate energy to your spine at the right time, the right place and in the precise direction helps restore integrity to your spine and nervous system.

Compensation Reaction

Many people are surprised that we adjust the upper area of the spine when the primary complaint is elsewhere. Simple. When the Atlas and Axis have lost their integrity, other areas of the spine compensate, creating imbalance and compression. By helping restore this critical relationship, we often see compensatory problems elsewhere in the spine resolve on their own.

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